Nainital: Where Dreams Meet Reality | Top 25 Places To Visit In Nainital | How To Reach

Nainital, located in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand, India, is a charming hill station renowned for its natural splendor and serene ambiance. Nestled amidst the Kumaon Himalayas, Nainital is famous for its emerald Naini Lake, surrounded by lush green hills. The town offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, including Naina Peak and Deopatha. With its pleasant climate, picturesque landscapes, and historic significance as the summer capital of the United Provinces, Nainital attracts tourists and nature lovers from all over the world. Visitors can enjoy boating on the lake, explore the quaint markets, visit ancient temples, and partake in various adventure activities like trekking and paragliding. Whether seeking relaxation amidst nature or thrilling adventures, Nainital offers something for everyone, making it a popular destination for travelers seeking tranquility and rejuvenation in the lap of the Himalayas.

Places To Visit In Nainital

Best Places To Visit In Nainital:

Nainital offers a variety of attractions for tourists. Among the Nainital tourist places, The Naini Lake is perfect for boating, while the Mall Road is great for shopping and dining. For panoramic views, Snow View Point and Tiffin Top are must-visits. History enthusiasts can explore the Governor’s House and St. John in the Wilderness Church. Nature lovers can trek to Naina Peak or visit the Eco Cave Gardens. The town also has a spiritual side, with the Naina Devi Temple and Hanuman Garhi Temple offering both serenity and views. Nainital promises a memorable experience with its blend of adventure, relaxation, and cultural exploration.

Here are some places to visit in Nainital:

1. Naini Lake

Naini Lake, situated in the heart of Nainital, Uttarakhand, is a picturesque natural water body that forms the centerpiece of the town’s charm and allure. This emerald-green lake, known for its serene ambiance and captivating beauty, is surrounded by verdant hills, creating a tranquil setting for visitors. Legend has it that the lake is one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, where the goddess Sati’s eye fell. The lake offers various recreational activities such as boating, with colorful paddle boats dotting its surface. Visitors can also enjoy leisurely strolls along the lake’s promenade, soaking in the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains. Naini Lake is not just a scenic attraction; it holds cultural and spiritual significance, making it a must-visit destination for tourists exploring the enchanting hill town of Nainital.

Naini Lake

2. Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple, located on the northern shore of Naini Lake in Nainital, is a revered Hindu shrine dedicated to Goddess Naina Devi, a form of Goddess Shakti. The temple holds significant religious importance for devotees and is believed to be one of the 51 Shakti Peeths, where the eyes of Goddess Sati fell according to Hindu mythology. The deity is worshipped here as the presiding deity of the town, offering blessings of protection and prosperity to visitors. The temple’s architecture reflects traditional North Indian style, with intricate carvings and colorful embellishments adorning its structure. Devotees and tourists alike flock to Naina Devi Temple to seek blessings, witness the sacred rituals, and admire the serene surroundings overlooking the tranquil Naini Lake.

Naina Devi Temple

3. Tiffin Top (Dorothy’s Seat)

Tiffin Top, also known as Dorothy’s Seat, is a popular viewpoint located in Nainital, offering panoramic vistas of the surrounding Himalayan ranges and Nainital town. Situated at an altitude of approximately 2,292 meters (7,520 feet), Tiffin Top is a favorite spot among tourists and trekkers for its breathtaking sunrise and sunset views. The viewpoint is named after Dorothy Kellet, an English artist who visited Nainital and was captivated by its beauty. Visitors can reach Tiffin Top by trekking or via horseback ride, enjoying the scenic trails lined with pine and deodar trees. At the summit, there’s a stone bench where tourists can relax and soak in the stunning vistas of the snow-capped peaks, lush valleys, and shimmering lakes below. Tiffin Top is an ideal destination for nature lovers, photographers, and adventure enthusiasts seeking tranquility and awe-inspiring scenery amidst the Himalayas.

Tiffin Top (Dorothy's Seat)

4. Eco Cave Gardens

Eco Cave Gardens is a unique ecological park that offers visitors an immersive experience amidst natural rock formations and lush greenery. The park features interconnected caves formed from natural rocks, providing a glimpse into the geological wonders of the region. Each cave is designed to represent various animals and habitats, such as tiger, panther, bats, squirrel, and ape caves, creating an educational and entertaining environment for visitors of all ages. As visitors explore the caves, they can learn about the local flora and fauna, geological formations, and ecological significance of the region. Additionally, the park offers scenic walking trails, manicured gardens, and viewpoints that provide stunning vistas of the surrounding hills and valleys. Eco Cave Gardens is not only a recreational destination but also a conservation effort aimed at promoting environmental awareness and preserving the natural beauty of Nainital.

  • Exploration Time: Plan for approximately 2 hours to explore the entire area.
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adults: ₹20/-
    • Children: ₹10/-
    • Camera Fee: ₹25/-
  • Timings:
    • Eco Cave Gardens is open from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm every day of the week.
Eco Cave Gardens

5. Bhimtal Lake

Bhimtal Lake is a serene water body surrounded by lush greenery and majestic hills. Named after the legendary Pandava brother Bhima from the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the lake is one of the largest in the region and offers a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visitors can enjoy boating on the crystal-clear waters of Bhimtal Lake, soaking in the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape. The lake also houses a small island in its center, accessible by boat, where the Bhimeshwar Mahadev Temple stands, adding a spiritual dimension to the scenic beauty. Whether it’s a leisurely boat ride, a picnic by the lakeside, or simply admiring the natural splendor, Bhimtal Lake is a must-visit destination for nature lovers and tranquility seekers alike.

Bhimtal Lake

6. Sattal Lake

Sattal Lake is a cluster of seven freshwater lakes surrounded by dense oak and pine forests. The name “Sattal” translates to “seven lakes” in Hindi, aptly describing the unique feature of this serene destination. Each of the interconnected lakes has its distinct charm and character, offering visitors a tranquil retreat amidst nature’s splendor. Boating is a popular activity here, allowing visitors to explore the tranquil waters and soak in the breathtaking scenery. Sattal Lake is also a haven for birdwatchers, with a diverse range of avian species inhabiting the surrounding forests. Whether it’s birdwatching, nature walks, or simply enjoying the peaceful ambiance, Sattal Lake is a paradise for those seeking a rejuvenating escape in the lap of Himalayan beauty.

Sattal Lake

7. Naina Peak (China Peak)

Naina Peak, formerly known as China Peak, rises majestically to an altitude of 2,615 meters above sea level near Nainital, Uttarakhand. Renamed after the 1962 war, it offers stunning panoramic vistas and lush greenery. Trekking to Naina Peak is a popular activity, covering 6 kilometers through dense forests and rhododendron-lined trails. The journey rewards trekkers with breathtaking views of Naini Lake, neighboring mountains, and the Himalayas. Visitors can opt for horse rides from Snow View Point or Mallital, as there are no shops on the peak. Naina Peak’s scenic beauty, especially when adorned with snow-covered trees, is truly captivating.

Naina Peak (China Peak)

8. Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi is a revered temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman, the Hindu deity known for his unwavering devotion and strength. Perched atop a hill, Hanuman Garhi offers panoramic views of the surrounding Himalayan mountains and the town of Nainital. The temple complex also houses shrines dedicated to Lord Rama and Goddess Durga. Visitors can ascend a flight of stairs to reach the temple, where they can seek blessings, offer prayers, and marvel at the serene atmosphere. Hanuman Garhi is not only a religious site but also a popular tourist destination, attracting devotees and sightseers alike with its spiritual aura and breathtaking vistas.

Hanuman Garhi

9. Raj Bhawan (Governor’s House)

Raj Bhawan, also known as Governor’s House, stands as a symbol of heritage in Nainital. Constructed during the British colonial era, it was initially built as the residence for the Governor of the North-Western Provinces. Perched atop a hill, the building offers stunning views of Naini Lake and the surrounding landscape. Designed by architects Architect Stevens and Executive Engineer F. O. W. Ortel, its Gothic-inspired architecture adds to its allure. Renamed post-independence, it has housed notable figures like Sarojini Naidu. Spread over 220 acres, the estate features lush gardens and a vintage golf course. Visitors can explore the well-maintained grounds through guided tours and capture the majestic structure from the outside, as indoor photography is restricted. Raj Bhawan is a testament to historical transitions and natural beauty, making it a must-visit for those exploring the region.

  • Timings:
    • March – April, September – October: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
    • May – August: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
    • November – December: 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
    • Closed on Sunday and National Holidays.
  • Entry Fee:
    • Raj Bhawan: ₹50/-
    • Raj Bhawan Golf Course: ₹450/-
Raj Bhawan (Governor's House)

10. St. John in the Wilderness Church

St. John in the Wilderness, an Anglican church, holds the distinction of being one of the oldest structures in the area.

Origins: The church’s site was selected in 1844 by Bishop Daniel Wilson, and construction began in October 1846 based on plans by Captain Young. The funds for its construction, totaling Rs 15,000, were raised through private subscriptions and pew rents. Gothic Style: Reflecting Gothic architectural influences, the church was completed and inaugurated on 2 April 1848. Its graceful design and intricate stained glass windows contribute to its enduring charm. Memorial: Inside the church, there stands a memorial commemorating the lives lost in the 1880 landslip. Historic Cemetery: The church’s cemetery contains graves dating back to 1845, with the last burial being that of Sir George Knox around 1922. Notably, it includes the resting places of Christopher William and Mary Jane Corbett, parents of renowned conservationist Jim Corbett, who lived in nearby Gurney House.

St. John in the Wilderness Church

11. Khurpatal Lake

Khurpatal Lake is a serene and picturesque waterbody tucked away amidst lush greenery. Surrounded by dense forests and rolling hills, this pristine lake offers breathtaking views and a tranquil ambiance, making it an ideal spot for nature lovers and photographers. Boating facilities are available, allowing visitors to explore the calm waters and soak in the scenic beauty of the surroundings. With its serene atmosphere and captivating vistas, Khurpatal Lake is a must-visit destination for those seeking peace and natural beauty in the Nainital region.

Khurpatal Lake

12.High Altitude Zoo

Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo, also known as the Nainital Zoo, is a unique wildlife sanctuary located in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. Established in 1984 and opened to the public in 1995, it sits atop Sher Ka Danda hill at an altitude of 2,100 meters. The zoo covers approximately 4.6 hectares and is distinguished as the only high-altitude zoo in North India apart from those in Darjeeling and Sikkim. It is home to endangered species native to the Himalayas, including the Royal Bengal tiger, Tibetan wolves, sambar, leopard cat, and Himalayan bear. The zoo also boasts a rich collection of high-altitude birds. With comfortable night shelters for animals and winter curtains for bird enclosures, the zoo provides a suitable habitat for its inhabitants. Surrounded by the Shivalik and middle Himalayan ranges, the zoo features a forest cover comprising evergreen oak, cupressus, and other oak species. Accessible via a steep motorable road or a scenic walk from the Tallital Bus station, the zoo is open from Friday to Wednesday, from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM.

High Altitude Zoo

13. Himalayan View Point

Himalayan View Point: Perched at an altitude of around 2,000 meters in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand, Himalayan View Point, also known as Himalaya Darshan Point, offers captivating vistas of the majestic Himalayan peaks. This scenic viewpoint, situated on the route to Kilbury, attracts travelers seeking breathtaking panoramas amidst serene surroundings. Visitors can enjoy splendid views of prominent Himalayan peaks against the backdrop of lush green hills and valleys. The best times to visit are during the months of March to June and September to November, avoiding the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall. Travelers can access the viewpoint conveniently via different modes of transportation, including air, train, and road. Exploring Himalayan View Point offers an opportunity to immerse oneself in the awe-inspiring beauty of the Himalayas and create lasting memories.

Himalayan View Point

14. Kainchi Dham

Kainchi Dham, also called Neem Karoli Baba Ashram, is a revered spiritual site in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district. Located about 17 kilometers from Nainital, it offers a serene atmosphere amidst picturesque surroundings. The ashram is dedicated to Neem Karoli Baba, attracting devotees for prayers, bhajans, and meditation. The nearby Hanuman Temple, believed to be established by Neem Karoli Baba, is also a significant attraction. Visitors can enjoy the natural beauty of lush green forests and mountain views. Accommodation options range from basic ashram facilities to nearby hotels in Nainital. Etiquette includes dressing modestly, maintaining silence, and following ashram rules. Nearby attractions like Nainital, Bhimtal, Sattal, and Mukteshwar offer additional recreational opportunities.

Kainchi Dham

15. Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, also known as Himalaya Darshan Point, is a haven for bird enthusiasts. Situated at an elevation of around 2,000 meters (6,561 feet), the sanctuary offers mesmerizing vistas along the route to Kilbury, attracting travelers seeking serene surroundings and avian diversity. Renowned for its rich birdlife, the sanctuary provides an ideal habitat for both resident and migratory species. Visitors can spot Himalayan birds like the scarlet minivet and blue-winged minla, along with migratory species such as the black-headed jay and red-billed blue magpie during winter. Nature walks through forested trails offer opportunities to immerse in the tranquility of the surroundings, with spring and autumn being the best seasons for birdwatching. Don’t forget to bring binoculars and a field guide to enhance your birding experience.

  • Timings:
    • The sanctuary is open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM every day.
  • Entry Fees:
    • For adults: ₹50/-
    • For children: ₹10/-
    • Senior citizens and disabled individuals get free entry.
Pangot and Kilbury Bird Sanctuary

16. Gurney House

Gurney House is a historic building that holds significance in the region’s colonial history. Once the residence of Jim Corbett, the renowned conservationist and author, Gurney House now stands as a museum dedicated to his life and work. The house preserves the belongings, photographs, and memorabilia of Corbett, offering visitors a glimpse into his fascinating life and contributions to wildlife conservation. Surrounded by lush greenery and offering panoramic views of the Nainital hills, Gurney House is a must-visit destination for those interested in exploring the legacy of Jim Corbett and experiencing the tranquil beauty of the Himalayan foothills.

Gurney House

17. Naina Devi Bird Reserve

The Naina Devi Himalayan Bird Conservation Reserve, also known as Naina Devi Bird Reserve, is a wildlife sanctuary. Situated at an elevation of approximately 2,084 meters above sea level, it offers stunning views of the surrounding hills and valleys. Spanning an area of 111.9 square kilometers, the reserve boasts diverse ecosystems, from temperate broad-leaf forests to alpine grasslands and rhododendron shrubberies. It is home to a rich variety of avian and mammalian fauna, including endangered species like the bearded vulture and Himalayan griffon. Birdwatchers can delight in spotting species such as the hill partridge, koklass pheasant, and red-billed leiothrix. Additionally, the sanctuary is characterized by unique biomes, including Himalayan subtropical broadleaf forests and Western Himalayan alpine shrub and meadows, typical of the Nepal-India hilly region.

Naina Devi Bird Reserve

18. Guano Hills

Guano Hills is a scenic and pristine natural attraction. These hills are renowned for their rich biodiversity, offering visitors a chance to explore lush forests, diverse flora, and abundant wildlife. The name “Guano” refers to the natural deposits of bird droppings found in the area, indicating the presence of numerous avian species. The hills provide opportunities for trekking, nature walks, and birdwatching, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the surroundings while enjoying panoramic views of the Himalayan landscape. Additionally, Guano Hills serve as an important ecological hotspot, contributing to the conservation of the region’s natural heritage.

Guano Hills

19. Aerial Ropeway

The Aerial Ropeway, also called the Nainital Cable Car, is a prominent attraction in Nainital, Uttarakhand, India. It connects Mallital to the Snow View Point, offering breathtaking views of Nainital city, Naini Lake, and the Himalayan peaks during the ascent. Developed with Swiss technology, it ensures safety during the steep ascent and descent, providing an adventurous experience. Each trolley accommodates up to 11 persons, with a maximum weight of 825 kg, and the journey takes less than 3 minutes. Ticket prices for both ways are Rs 150 for adults and Rs 100 for children aged 3 to 12 years.

Aerial Ropeway

20. Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum

The Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum in Nainital is a captivating tribute to the valor and history of the Kumaon Regiment of the Indian Army. This museum showcases a rich collection of artifacts, weapons, uniforms, and photographs that chronicle the regiment’s glorious past and its contributions to the nation. Visitors can explore various exhibits that depict the regiment’s achievements, battles, and traditions, offering insights into its illustrious legacy. The museum provides an educational and inspiring experience, honoring the bravery and sacrifices of the soldiers who served in the Kumaon Regiment.

Timing: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Entry Fee:
    • For adults: ₹75/-
    • Exploration Time: Approximately 2 hours
Kumaon Regimental Centre Museum

21. Jeolikot

Jeolikot, nestled in the scenic Kumaon region near Nainital, is a charming hill station known for its serene ambiance and lush greenery. Situated at an altitude of approximately 1,219 meters (4,000 feet) above sea level, Jeolikot offers a tranquil retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. This quaint town is renowned for its fruit orchards, especially apricots and peaches, which thrive in its favorable climate. Visitors can indulge in leisurely walks amidst the picturesque landscapes, breathe in the fresh mountain air, and savor the panoramic views of the surrounding hills. Jeolikot also serves as a gateway to several nearby attractions, including Nainital, Bhimtal, and Mukteshwar, making it an ideal base for exploring the Kumaon region. With its idyllic setting and rejuvenating atmosphere, Jeolikot beckons travelers seeking a peaceful retreat amidst nature’s bounty.


22. Astronomical Observatory

The Astronomical Observatory is a renowned center for astronomical research and stargazing located in the town of Nainital. Situated at an altitude of approximately 1,950 meters (6,398 feet) above sea level, the observatory offers an ideal vantage point for observing celestial phenomena due to its clear skies and minimal light pollution. Established in 1955, the observatory houses several telescopes and astronomical instruments, including the state-of-the-art Aryabhatta Telescope, named after the ancient Indian mathematician and astronomer. Visitors can marvel at the wonders of the universe, including distant stars, planets, and galaxies, under the guidance of expert astronomers. The observatory also conducts research and educational programs aimed at fostering interest in astronomy among students and the public. With its scientific significance and mesmerizing views of the night sky, the Astronomical Observatory in Nainital is a must-visit destination for astronomy enthusiasts and curious minds alike.

Astronomical Observatory

23. Naukuchiatal

Naukuchiatal, situated near Nainital is a picturesque hill station known for its serene lake, verdant surroundings, and tranquil ambiance. Its name, which translates to “nine-cornered lake,” is derived from its unique shape, featuring nine corners and a pristine surface reflecting the surrounding hills and sky. Encircled by lush forests and verdant hills, Naukuchiatal offers a serene retreat away from the bustling city life. Visitors can indulge in activities like boating, kayaking, and fishing on the tranquil waters of the lake, or simply relax and soak in the peaceful atmosphere. The area is also popular for adventure sports like paragliding and trekking, with several scenic trails and viewpoints nearby offering breathtaking vistas of the Himalayan landscape. Naukuchiatal’s natural beauty and serene charm make it an ideal destination for nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts, and those seeking a peaceful getaway amidst scenic surroundings.


24. Sariyatal

Sariyatal is a charming lake located near Nainital, offering a serene retreat amidst nature’s beauty. Surrounded by lush greenery and towering hills, Sariyatal provides a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. The lake’s tranquil waters create a picturesque setting, perfect for leisurely walks along the shoreline or relaxing boat rides. Visitors can immerse themselves in the serene ambiance, enjoying moments of tranquility while admiring the natural surroundings. Sariyatal is also an excellent spot for birdwatching, with various avian species found in the surrounding forests. Whether it’s a quiet picnic by the lake or a peaceful stroll amidst nature, Sariyatal offers a rejuvenating experience for those seeking solace in the lap of Uttarakhand’s pristine landscapes.


25. Peora

Peora is a quaint and scenic village nestled in the hills of Nainital district. Situated amidst lush green forests and rolling hills, Peora offers a serene retreat away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The village is renowned for its panoramic views of the Himalayas, making it a popular destination for nature lovers and photographers. Visitors can explore the picturesque trails, indulge in leisurely walks through pine forests, and enjoy the tranquil ambiance of this idyllic Himalayan village. Peora also boasts of traditional Kumaoni architecture, giving travelers a glimpse into the rich cultural heritage of the region. With its pristine natural beauty and tranquil surroundings, Peora offers a perfect escape for those seeking peace and rejuvenation amidst Uttarakhand’s stunning landscapes.


These were some places to visit in Nainital. Hope you liked it. Have a safe journey!

How To Reach Nainital From Delhi

  1. By Road (Car or Bus):
  • The most common way to travel from Delhi to Nainital is by road.
  • The distance between Delhi and Nainital is approximately 300 kilometers, and it takes around 7-8 hours by car or bus, depending on traffic conditions and the route taken.
  • You can either drive your own vehicle or hire a taxi from Delhi to Nainital.
  • Several private and government-operated buses also ply between Delhi and Nainital. You can book bus tickets from various bus terminals in Delhi.
  1. By Train:
    • There is no direct train route from Delhi to Nainital. The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodam Railway Station, which is about 34 kilometers away.
    • You can take a train from Delhi to Kathgodam, and then hire a taxi or take a bus from Kathgodam to Nainital.
    • Major trains like Shatabdi Express, Ranikhet Express, and Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Express operate between Delhi and Kathgodam.

Here’s a table summarizing the trains from Delhi to Nainital along with their names, numbers, and approximate charges:

Train NameTrain NumberDeparture TimeApproximate Fare (INR)
KGM SHTBDI EXP1204006:20 AM₹281
UTR SAMPRK KRTI1503504:00 PM₹278
RANIKHET EXP1501308:00 PM₹292

Please note that these fares are approximate and subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, you can check the official website of Indian Railway IRCTC Safe travels! 🚂🌿

3. By Air and Road:

  • The nearest airport to Nainital is Pantnagar Airport, which is around 70 kilometers away.
  • You can take a flight from Delhi to Pantnagar and then hire a taxi or take a bus from Pantnagar to Nainital.

Book A Cab:

You can book a cab from our website along with a customized itinerary or can hire just a cab for your next trip. So just do hurry. Call Us On:- +911223577273

Best Time To Visit Nainital:

The best time to visit Nainital varies with the seasons:

  • Summer (March to June): Pleasant temperatures ranging from 10°C to 27°C make it ideal for outdoor activities.
  • Monsoon (July to September): Lush greenery but occasional heavy rainfall may disrupt travel plans.
  • Autumn (October to November): Mild weather with clear skies, perfect for nature walks and enjoying the colorful foliage.
  • Winter (December to February): Nainital becomes a winter wonderland with snowfall in higher altitudes, offering opportunities for winter sports.

Nearest Places To Nainital

Certainly! Here’s a table listing the nearest major cities to Nainital along with their approximate distances:

CityDistance from Nainital (Approx.)
Bhimtal20 km
Ranikhet55 km
Almora62 km
Mukteshwar46 km
Ramgarh34 km

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